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Introducing Your Dog to Your Child

Many homes have dogs as pets. They keep people company, and they can also be used for protection. When you stay with a dog for a long time, it becomes a valuable member of the family. When dealing with a dog, you should know that there is a high likelihood that they will get attached to you and sow ill you. Therefore, when introducing a new member of the family, you should first know how to deal with your dog. How then do you prepare the dog for the baby?

Train the Dog to Be Independent
When you have a baby, you may not have time to take care of the dog. Consequently, you should make sure that you teach your dog’s how to manage themselves. You can use positive reinforcement such as treats from Betsy farms to train the dog.

Introduce Your Dog to Foreign Smells
Dogs are among the animals that are most sensitive to smell. The type of smell that a dog identifies triggers a reaction. Children have a lot of different smells. It is imperative that you introduce these smells to the dogs so that it can get accustomed to them in good time.

Feed The Dog Well When The Baby Is Around

You want the dog to associate the baby with positive things. When you treat it better, the dog will see the baby as a positive introduction in the house.

Reduce Attention Given To the Dog
When a baby comes, you have to give it a lot of attention. Therefore, when the baby comes, it will take all the attention, which will leave your dog unattended. When you are about to deliver or adopt your baby, you should train your dog on how not to expect attention at all times.

Introduce Your Dog to A New Routine
A new baby changes the programs of the people in the house. The dog’s routine should also change. To give the dog time to adopt the changes that will be brought by a child, you need to change their routine early enough. Make modifications to the time when the dog carries out activities such as feeding and get the dog used to the new routine.

Teach Your Dog To Pay With The Baby
Children learn how to play after every few months of their lives. You should teach your dog to play with your baby without harming the child. Introduce safe toys that the child and the dog can play with while they are together.

Make Sure Your Dog’s Knows Its Food
Your child can contract diseases if the dog eats from its plate. The dog should be trained on what to eat and where to eat from. Train it by putting Betsy farms treats on its plate .